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Medal Mounting

What We Offer

We offer a full, quality medal sourcing and mounting service; either court or swing (loose) mounting.

We can even supply a set of replica medals mounted to your specifications to avoid wear and tear on your original set.

Medal Pouches

Buy one of our medal pouches and for that finishing touch why not get it embroidered?

Keep them in your bespoke pouch, to reduce the tarnishing.

  • Court Mount – to £9.00 per medal
  • Swing Mount – to £8.00 per medal
  • Miniature Medals supply and mount – supply from £8.00 per medal mount £6.50 per medal
  • Full Size Replica Medal sets – supply from £20.00 per medal, mount £6.50 per medal
  • Bespoke Medal Pouch – from £10.00